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As airports struggled with cancelations due to omicron, CVG was relatively unscathed

Michael Keating

Travelers are stranded at airports across the country but flights into and out of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport have not been as largely affected by weather woes and canceled flights.

Spokesperson Mindy Kershner says five flights were canceled Tuesday morning: two into Chicago, two from Chicago, and one to Seattle. There were about three flights canceled Friday. Bad weather in Florida also caused the cancellation of a few flights from St. Petersburg and Tampa over the weekend.

"It's really hard to tell what the cancellations and the delays are," Kershner said. "Sometimes it's weather related. Sometimes it can just be something going on within the airline network."

NPR is reporting several airlines - including Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, which both fly out of CVG - have said the surge of the omicron variant has left the companies short-staffed.

While there's not much travelers can do if a flight is canceled, Kershner recommended travelers download airline apps to have the most up-to-date information about flights before they get to an airport.

"You could download your airline's app, or when you're purchasing your ticket, you can select to enable push notifications to your phone, so then you can get those updates in the minute," she said. "And then that way, hopefully, the airline can let you know any of those changes before you even arrive to the airport."

CVG also has a list of delayed or canceled flights on its website,where people can see the status of local flights.

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