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Lincoln Heights wants resident input on proposed update to the village land use plan

 Two single family homes in Lincoln Heights.
Becca Costello
Two single family homes in Lincoln Heights.

A public forum Saturday will give Lincoln Heights residents a chance to learn more about a comprehensive plan for the Village's future. Council's Economic Development Committee spent months on a report that recommends several changes to zoning.

Committee Chair Tonya Key says the community used to be more walkable.

"As we look at the neighborhood now, it's more of a bedroom-type neighborhood. And so when we look at infill of new homes, it may have made sense to have a business on a corner at one time, where it doesn't make sense now. It makes more sense to put a home there," Key said. "Then it makes more sense to maybe move our business district closer to highway access and exchanges of roadways."

The village's small tax base has caused financial problems over the past few decades and leaders hope to broaden tax income with more residents and businesses. The report says Lincoln Heights should create a central area to act as the "heart" of the village.

"The primary goal for me is to take a look at where we are today and how do we want to plan for future generations?" Key said. "What do we want our economic base to look like? And where does that mean is the best place to approach business — creation of new business and supporting existing businesses — and development of new homes?"

The plan also recommends zoning more of the village for medium density and mixed-use development.

Key says she wants residents to understand the plan and give feedback.

"What we want to show is, number one, we heard you; number two, we're still listening to you," Key said. "And number three, here's an approach using individuals who, this is their profession — developing how neighborhoods look and function and flow. … We brought in that talent to help us determine — based on what our residents said, based on what they're saying — how we wanted it to look. And then we wanted to share with residents, this is what we've come up with; what do you think?"

The public forum starts at noon at the municipal building (1201 Steffen Ave) on Saturday, April 23.

See the full draft plan below:

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