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COVID may have sidelined - but isn't stopping - one runner from training for the Flying Pig

A man stands in front the Roebling bridge wearing a backwards hat and multiple marathon medals around his neck.
Kyle Jordan
For Kyle Jordan's 13th marathon, training was much different. In March, he came down with COVID and had to stop running for a couple of weeks. He still doesn't feel he's like back to where he should be.

Kyle Jordan is all about the Flying Pig Marathon. He’s an ambassador for the race and will run in almost every event — the mile, 5K, 10K, Flying Fur (with his dogs) and the marathon. All of this is labeled the “four-way with extra cheese” by race organizers.

You can imagine Jordan's frustration when despite being vaccinated and boosted to prevent COVID-19, he got the virus in March.

He took two weeks off from training, just as others were starting to get their high mileage in. Then Jordan tested himself again and he was still positive for COVID. So, he took another week off.

Kyle Jordan

“All that work I put into training seemed to be gone,” says Jordan. “When I tried to start running again it seemed like I hadn’t run in years.”

He had to hit the restart button and push through. “It really kind of burnt me out a little bit. I would say I’m still not to where, the training level, I would like to be this coming weekend.”

But he’s pushing through and looking forward to Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s this weekend’s schedule and road closures.

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