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Blink organizers release first round of artist announcements

blink covington
Courtesy of Paul Sanow
Blink will expand within Covington and Cincinnati this year.

Organizers of Blink have announced some of the first artists participating in the light festival. The first round includes 14 international and 18 local artists and organizations.

Elementz Executive Director Damian Hoskins says they'll be working with an Australian artist to create an exhibit that combines light and live dance. Hoskins says Elementz is excited about bringing the two together.

“We’re also really keen about fueling creativity and learning. We basically also want to provide an opportunity for the young people that we serve to see every aspect of creative cultural events, the cultural economy.”

Mallory Feltz will return for the show. She had installations in the two previous Blink festivals. Her works include everyday items and interactive lights.

“Blink is open to everyone and it’s accessible for everyone, and that’s really important for art — to share creativity and discovery and joy and wonder," Feltz says. "That’s the beauty of Blink. That’s what it does for everyone who gets to visit.”

Feltz's previous displays involved umbrellas in an Over-the-Rhine alleyway and nightlights at Findlay Market.

Other local artists include Michael Coppage and Black Box, Jason Snell, Lightborne, DogFish Crew, Linz & Lamb, and Jessica Wolf. International artists and collaboratives include AddFuel, Wendy Yo, Vince Fraser, and Antaless Visual Designs.

Local tourism officials are looking at Blink as the next big event now that the Cincinnati Music Festival is over. Hamilton County Commissioner Alicia Reece says the two events were important enough to receive economic support.

“We believe these events are important for the vibrancy, the future of our county. It puts us on the map, not only citywide, statewide, countywide, but also nationally and internationally.”

Reece says the Cincinnati Music Festival received $690,000 from the county and Blink will get $720,000. The city of Cincinnati has budgeted $1,000,000 for Blink.

Blink is October 13-16. It will stretch from Findlay Market to Covington.

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