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Expect busy roadways this Labor Day weekend


If you're planning a long weekend getaway over Labor Day, you're not alone. AAA expects travel numbers to return to near pre-pandemic levels.

AAA Public Service Manager Kara Hitchens says Labor Day is expected to look a lot like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July did this year.

"Basically it's going to be crowded on the roads and we recommend folks to do all they can do to mitigate any problems that you may have on the road," Hitchens says. "First of all, (make) sure that your vehicle's working well — you've had your tire pressures checked; you've had all your fluids and everything in the vehicle checked to be sure that everything's working well... air conditioning is working well, windshield wipers, all that good stuff."

Friday is expected to be the busiest day as people head out of town in the early afternoon mixed with people leaving work. Monday will be busy again as people return home.

Those who drive will pay more at the pump than Labor Day 2021, though Hitchens says there is some good news.

"You'll be paying more than you did last year, but prices are coming down from when they reached their peak in June. So good and bad — not the $5 that we saw in June, but certainly $1 or more than what you saw last year."

According to the auto club, almost 71% of Ohio drivers report they've adjusted their daily driving routines because of gas prices. Roughly 60% say the cost of fuel affected their summer travel plans.

Car tips from AAA

Here are 10 Car Care Tips provided by AAA.

  • Check tire pressure of all tires — don’t forget to check the spare — if you have one
  • Check tire tread — Exchange.AAA.com offers a simple visual check using a penny or a quarter
  • Check battery is in good working order (most batteries last 3-5 years); a AAA Approved Repair facility will do this for free
  • Check air conditioning
  • Check windshield wipers to make sure they are in good working order
  • Check fluids
  • Check headlights for functionality and clean lenses
  • Make sure your cell phone is fully charged so you can call for help if needed
  • Make sure your AAA membership is up to date if you have one
  • Stock a summer emergency kit with: jumper cables, tools, first aid supplies, flashlight with fresh batteries, road flare or reflective triangle, extra medications, snacks, water
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