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BLINK — the four-day light, art and projection mapping show — is back in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky this Oct. 13-16. Here's everything you need to know, from getting around to details on our silent disco Oct. 15.

This year's BLINK will be carbon neutral, organizers say

blink covington
Courtesy of Paul Sanow
A lot of electricity is needed to light up Cincinnati and Covington walls and landmarks.

BLINK opens in just under two weeks, and organizers say the light and art festival will be a carbon neutral event. Fifth-Third Bank's Chief Sustainability Officer, Mike Faillo, says the electricity needed to power the light projectors will be offset with credits.

“We’ve invested in projects that are verified in standard registries that have been verified to remove emissions from the atmosphere," he says. "We’re adding, or emitting emissions as part of this event, and then we are investing or providing cash support to these projects that offset or remove other emissions from the atmosphere."

Faillo says Fifth-Third and Duke Energy estimated the carbon output of the last BLINK festival, in 2019, and invested in that many credits for this year's show.

“After this year’s event is over, we’ll recalculate the actual impact and make any true-ups if needed.”

Faillo did not say how much the credits were worth.

BLINK starts Oct. 13, and will feature light shows, murals, performances and sculptures from Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine, to Covington's Mainstrasse.

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