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A Sedamsvile veterans memorial was badly damaged years ago. It still hasn't been repaired

Bricks and cinderblocks, some askew, with weeds encroaching.
Herb Kohls
The Sedamsville memorial was hit by a driver in 2020.

A driver hit Sedamsville's veterans memorial in 2020, and it's still in pieces today. The Sedamsville Civic Association is trying to replace and relocate it.

"It's a brick memorial and on each brick there are names of the veterans," Association Secretary Herb Kohls says. "The bottom half is crooked and bent, but intact. But the top half, the bricks are more or less scattered everywhere."

Kohls says community members would like to rebuild it with the names of the veterans etched in marble, and they're looking for another location, away from River Road.

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Kohls says restoring the marker would be a big step for the neighborhood.

"It's all part of the community," he says. "An important part of raising the community from the state that it's in right now to a state that we can all be proud of is to have these sorts of things that people can be proud of, and make them participate in the community and continue to lift it up."

Broken bricks lay askew in a lot.
Herb Kohls
Another chunk of the memorial.

He says Sedamsville is at a turning point, and is "on the rise." The Cincinnati Recreation Commission is planning on renovating Boldface Park.

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Kohls says the neighborhood association is looking for partners to help with building a new memorial. He says there are several options for a new location, including a traffic island on River Road, and Boldface Park.

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