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Hamilton County Auditor Brigid Kelly resigns; chief deputy sworn in as acting auditor

brigid kelly
Brigid Kelly
Brigid Kelly

Hamilton County commission approved Amy Humphrey as acting Hamilton County Auditor Thursday after the resignation of Auditor Brigid Kelly.

Kelly has been battling esophageal cancer since 2022, and recently entered hospice. She announced her resignation in a letter to the county commission Wednesday.

Commission Vice President Denise Driehaus teared up praising Kelly and introducing the resolution approving Humphrey.

"She has fought this disease with her typical rigor while continuing to serve as the county auditor," Driehaus said. "At this point in time, Brigid believes it is best not only for herself, but also for Hamilton County to step down from her position as the county auditor."

Kelly, a former state representative for Ohio's 31st House District, was elected in November 2022 to replace former Auditor Dusty Rhodes, who retired. Kelly has overseen a challenging six-year reappraisal of property values in Hamilton County in which many homeowners saw significantly increased property tax bills.

Commission President Alicia Reece also praised Kelly's work.

"She continued to run a race when she had cancer, and was able to win," she said. "She came to this job, I saw her moving in furniture, showing up every day even though she had her own fight, trying to fight for the citizens of this county. It's unbelievable.

Humphrey has worked in the auditor's office for almost 14 years. She pledged the auditor's office would continue its services without interruption.

"I'm blessed to have learned from two of the best in Auditor Kelly — we just heard all of her accolades and they really don't even touch the surface of who she is as a person — and also Auditor Rhodes," Humphrey said after commissioners swore her in Thursday.

The Hamilton County Democratic Party will appoint a permanent replacement for Kelly as required by Ohio law in April.

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