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Tips for keeping your house cool during a heat wave

digital thermostat on a wall
Sean D.

Keeping indoor temperatures low can help Tri-State residents stay safe during this heat wave. But cranking up the AC isn’t the only way to cool down inside.

Duke Energy spokesperson Jeff Brooks recommends closing the blinds and covering windows during the day.

“So much heat comes in, even through very efficient windows,” Brooks said. “Keeping that heat outside and the cool inside is really, really important.”

Holding off on using heat-generating appliances like ovens during the hottest part of the day can also maintain cooler temperatures indoors.

Brooks recommends people with air conditioners set their systems to the highest comfortable setting.

“That 73 to 74 (degree) range is kind of where it averages out for most people,” Brooks said. “Every degree you move that thermostat closer to the outside temperature, the more you're going to save on your bill.”

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Using fans can make rooms feel several degrees cooler than they are.

This week of heat is placing increased demand on the power grid, especially during the afternoons. Brooks said Duke Energy is prepared to handle that heightened need.

“Right now, we're not anticipating any challenges meeting customer demand for electricity this week,” Brooks said.

The increased electricity use means more expensive electric bills too.

“Being smart in how you use electricity during those peak part of the days can help you keep your bills lower and obviously help all of us manage electric use across the system,” Brooks said.

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