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Looking Up Franchise
  • Dean has brought so much wisdom and so many stories from his time as Astronomer in Residence at the Grand Canyon National Park last fall, that we had to squeeze a bit more into another episode. This time he and Anna discuss and share some of his experiences engaging park goers in Sidewalk Astronomy. There's a certain magic and awe that happens when passers by get the opportunity to see distant objects through a telescope and Dean has some great clips from his trip that help prove it!We are also joined by WVXU Reporter and local host of All Things Considered, Bill Rinehart to help us embody the spirit of one of the original purveyors of sidewalk astronomy experiences, John Dobson. Together they revisit an interview Dean had the opportunity to conduct with Dobson before his passing.
  • That' right! Looking Up is 100 episodes old today! Dean and Anna take the opportunity to reminisce on some greatest moments, hopes for the future, and more. We are also joined by retired Canadian astronaut and author of the new book "The Apollo Murders", Colonel Chris Hadfield. And his stories and credentials go far beyond space and writing. He's spent time as a musician, done television shows, and so much more that needed to be discussed! We also get a "what's up in the skies in 2022" update from our old friend, co-host of the live YouTube Stream "The Joe and Joe Weather Show", Joe Rao (@JoeRaoWeather)
  • What does the billionaire "space" race mean for the future of exploration? And why do we say it in quotes?
  • Dean is headed off to spend some time as Astronomer in Residence at the Grand Canyon for the next few months, and previous holder of the position and artist, Tyler Nordgren (@NightSkyPark) joins to preview the experience.
  • We occasionally hear reports of Near Earth Asteroids and perhaps our memories of the movie Armageddon make us expect the worst. But just how near is "near"?
  • There's an awful lot of space to track and learn about in our skies and not enough astronomers and scientists to document and observe it all. That's where you come in! In this episode Dean and Anna explore some exciting explorations and discoveries in amateur and citizen astronomy.
  • There are many awe inspiring images from our universe; Apollo 8's Earthrise, the Hubble's Deepfields map of galaxies, Carl Sagan's commentary on the Pale Blue Dot image from Voyager 1. Some find them inspiring in their beauty. Others find them terrifying in their vastness and scale. Dean and Anna explore both camps of star gazers in this episode as well as the significance and stories behind some of these photos
  • Astronomy meets true crime as Dean and Anna explore stories of stolen moon rocks and urban legends of precious telescope lenses going missing at their own observatory.
  • In 2019 we all celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first humans to walk on the moon, but August 2021 brings us an arguably more impressive 50th anniversary first on the moon: driving.