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Start Hear: Self-Help Culture, The Clue of the Blue Bottle and Innovating CVG

This week on Start Hear:

  • Citations Needed: A podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power.
  • The Last Archive: A show about the history of truth, and the historical context for our current fake news, post-truth moment.
  • Untold Stories of Innovation: How do leading innovators get people to believe, fund, and support their big ideas?

And we look at the some of the titles making themselves known on itunescharts.net.

  • NPR's Code Switch: News from the frontiers of race, ethnicity and culture from NPR.
  • 1619: In August of 1619, a ship carrying more than 20 enslaved Africans arrived in the British colony of Virginia. America was not yet America, but this was the moment it began.
Join Tripp Eldredge as he explores the world of podcasts on Start Hear.