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Pure Predication: Dead Boy

With song titles like "Dead Boy," "Poison Oak," and "Devil's Weed," and the run-time is a mere 5:07, you can expect the 3-track EP Dead Boy by Pure Predication to be driving, aggressive, dark and brutal.

What the band promises is "No soundscapes here. Just pure as s**t rock n' roll."  And they make good on their promises.

Recorded by Aaron Modarressi at The Convent in Northside and released on Manglor Records, Dead Boy is an ultra lo-fi rockabilly surf punk rampage.

Pure Predication is a duo of 'Pure Mike' Cipollone (guitar, drums, vocals)  and Jeff 'Predication' Seeger (guitar, vocals) . 

Staying true to their roots, Mike and Jeff chose to have the cover art for Dead Boy done by Jack-Arthur Wood Jra local artist, printmaker and founder of Tiger Lilly Press.


What separates Pure Predication from other 2-piece bands like The White StripesDeath From Above 1979 or Cincinnati's own Cougar Ace is that 'Pure Mike' uses a "one man band" set-up, playing both snare and bass drums with his feet while simultaneously singing and playing guitar.

The term 'predication' can mean to base an assertion on certain facts.  It can also mean to assert one's self or one's idea. However, in the case of 'Pure Predication,' I think the term is being applied far more literally, meaning 'as an expression of action' (i.e. a verb).  Therefore Pure Predication is all about action - pure action - action without thought, action without reasoning and action without consideration of the consequences.

This idea makes perfect sense when you listen to Dead Boy - where all of the songs are saturated in reverb to the point of being almost indecipherable.  The music of Pure Predication is all about the energy and the right-at-this-moment experience. They have no interest in hyper-analysis or self-exploration.  They have no time for reviews or worrying about whether or not you liked it.

By the time you've wrapped your head around Pure Predication, they've already moved on; charging like a freight train on to the next thing - and you can come along for the ride if you'd like.

Or not.  

They don't care.

Jim is a Northern Kentucky native and a father of three. In his spare time, Jim likes to read, play ice hockey and watch foreign films. He currently resides with his family on the East side of town.