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Northside Garage: All the King's Horses

The latest release from Northside GarageAll the King's Horses, is a 2-track sampler of modern-day garage rock that unites the raw, unbridled energy of punkabilly with the straightforward groove of roots-rock.  Eddy Mullet of ClassX Radio called Northside Garage, "One of my favorite local bands in town to go out and see." 

On-stage, Northside Garage presents a wonderful ying-yang of personas.  The frontman, Joe Rains (guitar and vocals), is a ceaseless fireball of energy while his 6-string partner, Doug Dickerson, presents a much quieter demeanor and usually lets his guitar do the talking for him.  Ted Nagel is deceptively proficient on bass and his rhythm-section compatriot, Steve Sanden (drums), can best be described as a percussive dynamo.  Together they are not only a fun band to go see live but are, quite frankly, an all-around great group of guys who are always very upbeat, positive and have been long-term supporters of the local music scene.

The eponymous track on All the King's Horses has a gritty Peter Gunn theme and is presented in a very clean, live way without a lot of overdubs or excessive effects.  By stripping the song down to its essential aspects, the Garagees have created a song that is pure, undiluted drive and easy to recreate on the small club stage.

"Quite Literally" continues the contrast/counterpart theme by letting the guitars take the wheel.  Rains' infectious lyrics and Nagel's bass lines construct a groovy dance-rock song that is knee-deep in funk. 

Northside Garage has three full-length releases which include Grease, Guns, and Guitars (2009), Waiting for the Breakdown (2011) and Another Night of Indecision (2012).  These two most recent songs are merely an appetizer as the band is currently working on several more tracks at Monastery Studio in Walnut Hills with a hopeful summer release of a fourth album.

The 2-song disc All the King's Horses is scheduled for official release at their April 25 show at The Southgate House Revival.  It will also be available from Bandcamp and, of course, all of Northside Garage's live shows.