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Moonbeau: Are We In Love Yet?

Are We In Love Yet? by Moonbeau

Moonbeau, a band that started out as a synth-pop solo project by Christian Gough of The Yugos has quickly grown into one of the most popular bands in town. Recently joined by Alex Murphy-White on drums and Claire Muenchen on keyboards, Moonbeau has expanded their throwback pop sound and, in doing so, has expanded their audience exponentially.

Their sound is reminiscent of every band you loved in the 80s such as Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Flock of Seagulls - and everything in between.

Their single "Are We In Love Yet" has gathered a lot of attention both locally and nationally and Moonbeau, like their namesake, seems to keep on growing, expanding and continuing to shine.

Jim is a Northern Kentucky native and a father of three. In his spare time, Jim likes to read, play ice hockey and watch foreign films. He currently resides with his family on the East side of town.