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Soften: Seen + Unseen

Seen + Unseen by Soften

Since I saw them perform live at our Tiny Desk Showcase in July, I have been eager to sit down with the members of Soften to talk about their music. In speaking with them, I was pleased to find very talented musicians who, not only play very well together, but who genuinely seem to care about and for each other.

Led by the songwriting and powerful vocal presence of Brianna Kelly, Soften’s album Seen & Unseen presents a personal exploration of musical dynamism that could only be achieved through mutual trust, respect and collaboration.

Seen + Unseen is available for purchase and/or download from their Bandcamp page.

Jim is a Northern Kentucky native and a father of three. In his spare time, Jim likes to read, play ice hockey and watch foreign films. He currently resides with his family on the East side of town.