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MacReady U.K.

Jay Reynolds and Nick Barrows of MacReady U. K.

Nick Barrows and Jay Reynolds are long-time friends who wanted to collaborate on a most extraordinary project -- to develop a soundtrack to a John Carpenter film that doesn’t exist.

They named the project after the main character in Carpenter’s The Thing, played by Kurt Russell.

In discussing the band and it’s music, it is difficult to not begin to rabbit-hole into any number of pop-culture references from the 1980’s - including politics, books and dozens of movies.

Musically, however, MacReady U.K. exists to “provide a soundtrack to any number of apocalypses." Because - as they say - "if civilization is going to end, you might as well enjoy the soundtrack.”

The music of MacReady U.K. is currently available to purchase or to stream from CD Baby, Apple Music, and Spotify.