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Multiple Car Bombs Wreak Havoc In Baghdad, Killing Dozens

A spate of car bombs exploded during Baghdad's morning rush hour Monday, killing at least 47 people and wounding dozens more. Most of the bombs struck areas with large Shiite populations; various news agencies are reporting that from nine to 14 separate bombs were detonated.

Many of the car bombs resulted in far more injuries than deaths. But at least one explosion was especially deadly. According to the BBC and Reuters, an attack in Baghdad's Sadr City district killed at least seven people.

From Reuters:

" 'The driver said he would move it soon, but the car exploded a few minutes later,' said Abu Mohammed, a worker at the scene.

"Footage from the scene showed the remains of a car torn in two surrounded by damaged taxis and bits of metal melted in the heat of the blast."

The violence follows an attack Sunday in which a suicide bomber targeted a mosque south of Baghdad. The building's roof collapsed in that blast, which killed 47 people.

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