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Cincinnati area police officers and their loved ones gathered Friday to honor the fallen and those still on duty. Police Memorial Week ceremonies started at Fountain Square and ended at Ezzard Charles and Central Avenue, site of the Police Memorial.

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Water is once again flowing in the fountain in front of the Cincinnati Museum Center. The fountain was out of commission for three years during the Union Terminal restoration.

Archdiocese of Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Archdiocese is ordaining nine priests this weekend, making it the largest class since 1979.

ce friday
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Cincinnati City Council considers an ordinance that would mean someone within the city possessing 100 grams or less of marijuana could be cited for a misdemeanor, but would face no fines, no jail time and no court costs.

bike to work
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Use your bike to get around the Greater Cincinnati area Friday and your ride on public transit will be gratis

Ken Rechtin
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It was a tale of three counties this week as Sanitation District 1 Executive Director Adam Chaney made the rounds at Northern Kentucky fiscal courts pushing for an allowance to change the base rate structure at the regional utility.

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The U.S. Men's National Soccer Team plays its first-ever match in Cincinnati on June 9. It's the team's final match ahead of the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup, a tournament featuring 16 teams from North and Central America and the Caribbean.

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A new study involving Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center finds early intervention, like gastric bypass surgery, helps severely obese adolescents control Type 2 diabetes and possibly throw it into remission.

Cole Imperi
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When do we start dying? For Cole Imperi there isn't one right answer, it's the kind of complex question she thinks about every day. Imperi is a duel-certified thanatologist and a death doula. Thanatology is the scientific study of death and dying.

hamilton county justice center
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The bail system is meant to ensure an individual appears in court after he or she is charged with a crime and to promote public safety. But some research shows requiring cash bail keeps many individuals locked up simply because they can't afford to pay, and that it does not make society safer.


A procedural rule prevented Cincinnati City Council from voting Wednesday on an ordinance to take away the penalties for marijuana possession if the city's police department issues citations for such offenses.

covington city hall
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The public is invited to weigh in on the exploration of a possible new Covington City Hall.

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The Cincinnati Public School board voted unanimously to place a 10-year tax levy renewal on this November's ballot.

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Great American Ball Park will be one of 15 stadiums across the country to host a replica of Neil Armstrong's space suit. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is sponsoring Apollo in the Park to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing.

Covington Catholic Hires Full-Time Police Officer

May 15, 2019
covington catholic high school
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Park Hills city council approved a contract with Covington Catholic High School to place a school resource officer from the police department on campus during the day.

andy beshear governor
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Attorney General Andy Beshear says he’s the Democrat who can beat Gov. Matt Bevin on Election Day in November because he’s beaten him in the courtroom.

aftax sales tax petition
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Alex Triantafilou, the chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party, would be well-pleased on the morning of Saturday, June 22, if the traffic on Chester Road in Sharonville is bumper-to-bumper with cars trying to make their way into the parking lot of the Sharonville Convention Center.

matt bevin
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Republican Gov. Matt Bevin is running for re-election this year. He’s got three primary challengers and low approval ratings after a series of gaffes and insults towards public school teachers. But he also has widespread name recognition and economic development successes to hang his hat on.

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Three-hundred and eighty million people watched eSports in 2018, according to a report from market analytics company Newzoo, which offered details about the $1 billion burgeoning industry. The activity is so popular now that dozens of colleges have launched varsity eSports teams, some with scholarship opportunities, and it is now a sanctioned sport recognized by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association.

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Kentucky holds its primary elections next Tuesday, May 21. Republicans and Democrats will choose their candidates for seven state executive offices: Governor; Lieutenant Governor; Attorney General; Secretary of State; Commissioner of Agriculture; Auditor; and, Treasurer. The general election takes place November 5.