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Drug Recovery Experts Oppose "Failed Drug Test" Bill

Drug addiction councilors are speaking out against a bill that would send an ex-convict to jail if they fail a drug test. They say this proposal uses the judicial system to solve a health care crisis. 

Lori Criss is with The Ohio Council, which advocates for behavioral health services. She says the bill that proposes 30-days of jail for someone who tests positive for heroin while on probation is a step in the wrong direction. 

“It’s a very delicate time in their life. It would be like someone who has a heart problem going into cardiac arrest, having a heart attack. This is a crisis situation for them and their physical health and we need to surround them with health care for that.”

The bill includes language for treatment but the concern is that a program wouldn’t be open and that person would be sent to jail instead.

Supporters say this would cut off drug use before a possible deadly overdose.

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