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To Vote In Ohio's May 8 Primary, You Must Be Registered by April 9

Karen Kasler
Ohio Statehouse News Bureau

Editor's note: This story was first published March 29, 2018. WVXU re-posts it here as a reminder of the deadline.

The registration to vote in Ohio’s primary on May 8 is quickly approaching.

If you want to vote in May, you need to register by April 9. You can do that by going to your local board of elections or online through the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.

Voters will decide one statewide issue: Changing the process for drawing lines for Congressional districts. And voters will decide party primaries for candidates for all of the state’s top offices, including governor.

Ohioans who are 17 now but will be 18 by the November election can register now and vote for candidates in the May primary but not for issues.