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Counter Points is written by WVXU Senior Political Analyst Howard Wilkinson. In it, he shares insights on political news on the local, state and national level that impacts the 2020 election. Counter Points is delivered once a week on Wednesdays and will cease publication soon after the November election is decided.

DeWine: Voting Twice As Trump Suggested Would Be Illegal In Ohio

Gov. Mike DeWine spoke with "The State of Ohio" host Karen Kasler from his home in Cedarville on Thursday, September 3.
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Gov. Mike DeWine spoke with "The State of Ohio" host Karen Kasler from his home in Cedarville on Thursday, September 3.

At public events and on Twitter, President Trump has urged supporters to vote by mail and in person to "test" the system.  Gov. Mike DeWine confirms that would be illegal in Ohio.

When asked in an interview for "The State of Ohio" about the Trump proposal that people mail in ballots and then show up to vote, DeWine said: “We don’t want people to do that”.

He said Ohioans can request ballots and vote by mail from home or can vote in person, either at the board of elections before election day or at their polling place on election day.  And elections experts have pointed out that there's a tool for voters to track ballots if they're concerned about the system.

“So there's ample opportunity for four weeks for people to vote in Ohio. So we just ask everybody to take advantage of that and go vote,” DeWine said.

DeWine was Ohio’s attorney general for eight years before becoming governor. So he'd know if intentionally voting twice in the same election is a felony.

“Well, if you intentionally voted twice, it would be absolutely, you're not allowed to do that. In fact, we prosecuted a few people who were referred, some cases back to local prosecutors, when that occurred. So, no, you can't you can't do that,” DeWine responded.

But DeWine said he thinks Trump has done a good job with the economy and has appointed nearly 200 conservative federal judges.

"I support the president for reelection," DeWine said. "I think the president has done a good job with the economy. He's put people on the bench that I think are or conservative. And I think that was a pledge that he made. And I think that's very, very important."

DeWine continued: "But he's not always right about everything, nor is any president. Nor is any every governor, and certainly not this governor."

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