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Ambriehl is a general assignment reporter with interest in race, education and communities. She works to amplify underrepresented voices and advance daily news stories. She comes to WVXU with previous reporting experience at NPR member stations WBEZ in Chicago and WKYU in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

school lunch
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Updated Tuesday at 12:00 p.m.: 

If buying fresh organic ingredients at the grocery store is breaking the bank, you may have a similar problem as Cincinnati Public Schools.

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Economic and social issues like trade, abortion and gun control are a few issues that raise the stakes for local and national elections in 2020. Politicians want to win over various groups of voters but could be looking past an important bloc.

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After more than a year of debate, the city and the Cincinnati Public School board have come to terms on a new 10-year tax abatement agreement.

planned parenthood
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Cincinnati's only health clinic that provides abortions continues to look for a physician after one of four required doctors resigned.

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The chance to choose what Cincinnati Public high school your student attends is now open.

The online lottery process allows families to choose five out of 16 high schools that students are interested in attending for the 2020-2021 school year. CPS Customer Care Central Manager Leslie Bryant recommends you choose up to two if you want the odds to be in your favor.

the banks
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An Academy Award winner is bringing real snow to The Banks in Cincinnati.

ray ball
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2019 was an epic year for Bond Hill native Ray Ball.

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More than a thousand people are experiencing homelessness in Northern Kentucky.

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No matter where you are, 'tis the season for peppermint candy canes, Christmas trees decked with lights and The Nutcracker.

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Most people don't want to be sweaty from running to catch their flight. So, CVG is suggesting travelers arrive two hours early.

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Cincinnati City Council and the public school board met separately Wednesday to discuss next steps for a 1999 tax abatement agreement set to expire in 13 days. Both agreed on different extension deadlines, effectively negating a new agreement for now. 

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The University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees voted unanimously to rename the College of Arts and Sciences Tuesday.

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It's a bitter cold Tuesday in December when Cincinnati Public Schools Social Worker Kathleen Jump begins wrapping up a social emotional learning (SEL) class at Woodford Paideia Academy.


The Northern Kentucky Health Department is declaring the year-long hepatitis A outbreak over.

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For some, after Donald Trump was elected president, conversations about race became even more intense.

Tensions heightened so much, one 15-year-old African American boy cried and began to question the safety of his Ohio family. Single mother Tiffany Ware reassured her son she would make sure they were safe.

building collapse
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Work has resumed at the construction site at the corner of Fourth and Race streets which suffered a partial building collapse last week that injured four and killed one worker. 

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Some people want to avoid talking about politics while they load their Thanksgiving plates this Thursday. In need of another conversation starter? Try your family's history. Doing so can open up a world of information.


Cincinnati Public School parents are expressing concerns about a new test the district is using.

west end
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For months, the city and school board have been struggling to get on the same page about the renewal tax abatement agreement that expires in seven weeks. 

City council says money from the state fulfills the district's budget. Cincinnati Public Schools disagrees.

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Cincinnati may not be top of mind when people think of innovative hip-hop music, but some local artists are hoping to change that with "Thrive," a series that celebrates the local hip-hop scene.