Jason Saul

Jason Saul is a public radio journalist and producer who moved to the Miami Valley to help build a new culture of nonprofit journalism here in Southwest Ohio.

Jason's an experienced reporter and manager, and is hard at work building a new team of reporters and producers dedicated to bringing you the thoughtful, independent, thoroughly researched, vetted and produced news you expect from WYSO and NPR. Listen for more of our team's stories every morning and afternoon, and find us online pretty much everywhere!

Jason started out on Long Island, and spent some time in Boston, New Orleans and Seattle before settling here in Yellow Springs with his wife Dionne. He's worked on a number of local and national programs, including some that air on WYSO, like American Routes and BirdNote.

President Donald Trump announced his new Supreme Court Justice pick "will be a woman" at a campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio on Monday.

Trump said his team has been vetting five finalists, and that the official announcement would come on Friday or Saturday this week.

The KKK-affiliated, Indiana-based hate group that rallied in Dayton last year has applied for a permit to do it again.

Last year, nine members of the Honorable Sacred Knights of Indiana rallied in downtown Dayton. They were armed and wore masks. They were met downtown by hundreds of police officers and counter-protestors. That event ended peacefully.

However, officials are concerned that the timing of this year’s rally could signal far greater trouble as the group’s application is for September 5, just weeks before Election Day.

In 1979 there were just four pairs of Bald Eagles left nesting anywhere in Ohio.

Habitat loss and the misuse of pesticides had almost wiped the bird out.

However, decades of conservation work has paid off. There are now Bald Eagles all over the state, and in 2012 the bird was removed from Ohio’s endangered list.