Michael Monks

Host of Cincinnati Edition

Michael Monks brings a broad range of experience to WVXU-FM as the new host of Cincinnati Edition, Cincinnati Public Radio's weekday news and information talk show.

He's the publisher/editor/chief reporter for Northern Kentucky's River City News website who spends his weeknights covering city government or school board meetings.

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Fair Cincy

A group of Cincinnatians want to change the way we elect our city council members. The group, Fair Cincy, is proposing that five members of council be elected by district, with the goal of better serving Cincinnati's 52 neighborhoods. The remaining four councilmembers would be elected at-large or citywide.


It's a busy month for artist Pam Kravetz. But most months are. She is one of the participating artists in the BLINK parade and festival and she is also finishing up the first-ever artist in residence at Rosenthal Education Center in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Kroger announced this week that it is eliminating hundreds of management positions.

defense of cincinnati
Courtesy of Cam Miller

Fort Wright and Fort Mitchell are now commonly known Northern Kentucky cities, but back when they were actual forts, their purpose could not have been of more importance for Cincinnati.


October is historically a volatile time for the stock market and these past few days have been no exception. Among the market worries this month are a number of geopolitical flashpoints including U.S.-China trade talks and the U.K.'s looming deadline to leave the E.U., coupled with weakening U.S. consumer confidence. Many signals suggest a recession could come sooner rather than later.

debbie harry
Robb Cohen, Invision / AP

In her new book, Debbie Harry invites you in for an in-depth and personal look at the forming of the band Blondie, her close relationships, her troubles, and her successes.

Michael Monks / The River City News

The Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club appears to be a total loss after a barge drifted toward it and ultimately crashed into it early Wednesday morning.

ohio democratic debate
David J. Phillip / AP

Fifteen years ago, as the 2004 U.S. Presidential election was nearing its denouement, popular NBC News analyst and Meet the Press host Tim Russert famously adjusted his mantra about which state mattered most for each candidate's path to victory.


A proposed development along Wasson Way in Hyde Park is raising concerns among some neighbors in the area. Hyde Park homebuilder Kenneth French plans to develop six luxury houses to overlook the future Wasson Way bike trail in the area across from Kroger. The Hyde Park Neighborhood Council opposes the proposal.

cincinnati roller girls
Courtesy of Cincinnati Rollergirls

The Cincinnati Rollergirls are hosting a first-ever boot camp for anyone who wonders what it takes to compete in roller derby.


Avondale has not had a grocery since 2008 when Aldi closed at the Town Center. Now the new Avondale Town Center opens this Tuesday, Oct. 1, with a diverse mix of retailers. The 76,000-square-foot space along Reading Road includes 119 apartments and was made possible by a 2012 federal Choice Neighborhood Grant worth $30 million.

FotoFocus's 2019 exhibit, AutoUpdate: Photography in the Electronic Age, features 44 regional artists on display at the Carnegie now through November 16. It accompanies a day-long symposium on October 5 exploring digital technology’s impact on photography and its disruption of art making and news cycles in a media obsessed world.

kentucky symphony orchestra devou park
Courtesy of The River City News

For 28 years, the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra has brought classical music - and modern music with a classical twist - to Northern Kentucky.

A local musician saw his career come to an end in the aftermath of an assault at the hands of a Lyft driver in New York City. Now the SCPA grad is suing Lyft.

donald trump
Evan Vucci / AP

A formal impeachment inquiry into the administration of President Donald J. Trump was called for this week by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The White House countered by releasing a memo detailing a phone conversation between Trump and the Ukrainian president which administration officials claim should put to bed any allegations that Trump was asking for a quid pro quo from that nation's government.

autumn leaves fall

The season has officially changed from summer to autumn, in spite of the lingering hot temperatures. So, now that peak planting season is over, what should you be doing with your garden and landscape?

University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati Adjunct Advocacy Association is organizing a week of events on campus to raise awareness about what they say is the pay disparity facing part-time and adjunct faculty. The highlight of the week is a "positive demonstration" Wednesday, September 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on campus.

Marty Brennaman
John Minchillo / AP

"…and this one belongs to the Reds." That iconic phrase delivered at the end of a Cincinnati Reds win will not be heard again after this week, at least not from the man who coined it.

human rights conference
Kin Cheung / AP

The University of Dayton is hosting a conference to address the high-risk threats to human rights and how they are presenting themselves with unprecedented urgency. 


New research shows that a lack of diversity in the classroom continues to impact students, culturally and academically, but that little is being done to improve the recruitment and retention of black male teachers.