Ryan Kellman

Ryan Kellman is a visual journalist and producer for NPR's Skunk Bear, a visual science blog and Youtube channel. Skunk Bear's goal is to connect people of all backgrounds with the joys and challenges of science — its products and its process — through creative storytelling.

Before joining Skunk Bear full time, Kellman worked as a photographer and photo editor on NPR's Science Desk. In his first months at the job, Kellman worked on NPR's Peabody award winning coverage of the 2014 ebola outbreak. Since then he has covered a range of subjects from hip hop in Senegal to snowy owls in Canada.

Kellman has won several notable awards as a photographer and videographer. He is a Fulbright Grant recipient, he has received a John Collier Award in Documentary Photography, a SEA Grant, and two first place wins in the WHNPA's Eyes of History Awards. He holds a Master's degree from Ohio University's School of Visual Communication and a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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