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Start Hear: #FreeBritney, Why Delivery is a Thing, and Talking to Kids about Disabilities

This week on Start Hear:

Toxic: The Britney Spears Story: Everything you need to know about Britney Spears, her controversial conservatorship, and the movement of fans trying to end it.

Dish City: Discover how food delivery became normal and ponder if it actually benefits restaurants, couriers and diners during the pandemic.

Cincinnati Children’s Young and Healthy Podcast: Thoughts and perspectives from Cincinnati Children's experts, patients, families - and even kids! - on all things pediatric health.

And we look at the some of the titles making themselves known on itunescharts.net.

A Trojan Horse Affair: A strange letter appears on a city councillor's desk in Birmingham, England, laying out an elaborate plot by Islamic extremists to infiltrate the city's schools.