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Start Hear: Infiltrating a White Supremacist Group, Seeing Past Covid, and Following Baseball Prospects

White Hot Hate: When Ryan Thorpe, a reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press, saw posters in his neighborhood inviting people to join the Base—a white-supremacist group agitating for the violent collapse of government—he could have written a quick story about it and called it a day. Instead, he infiltrated the group.

Odessa: From the Texas city that inspired Friday Night Lights, the site of the most productive oil field in the world, and one of the first areas in the country to reopen schools for in-person instruction—a choice that felt necessary to administrators because of the district’s low level of educational attainment.

The Call Up: While this isn’t an official local podcast, it does cover two important topics to Cincinnati: Baseball, and in particular the Reds new prospects: Triple A players Nick La Dolo and Hunter Green and who’s ready for the big leagues