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Start Hear: The Great Tragedy of a Financial Crisis, The Puerto Rican Experience, and Re-Watching America's Favorite Radio Station Sitcom

Meltdown: The 2008 financial crisis—and the government’s botched, multibillion-dollar bailout—is the skeleton key that unlocks almost every big thing that’s gone wrong in America in the 21st Century, from climate change, to the all-out assault on democracy, to the rise of white nationalism. The podcast, Meldown unveils the interconnectedness of the financial crisis like a great tragedy.

La Brega: The modern history of Puerto Rico is the story of struggles with incompetent leaders, false promises, self-inflicted wounds, and mercurial United States policy. The podcast La Brega, immerses you in the modern history of Puerto Rico, never papering over the diverse viewpoints of the Puerto Ricans who populate the stories.

WKRP-Cast: A few weeks back, WVXU’s John Kiesweither introduced us to Allen and Donna Stare who created the WKRP-Cast podcast. Launched in 2020, The WKRP-Cast devotes about an hour to re-watching and dissecting a half-hour of the famous TV comedy based in Cincinnati, WKRP.