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Start Hear: Tulsa 1921, The Story of Anita Hill, and Behind The Scenes at the Cincinnati Zoo

Blindspot Season 2: "Tulsa Burning" transports listeners to the thriving Greenwood District in 1921 – a Black city within a city – and its destruction by a mob of white supremacists. Host KalaLea tells the story of this remarkable neighborhood through the stories of survivors, descendants, and inheritors of its legacy.

Because of Anita: In 1991, Anita Hill told the world that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her. Thirty years later, we’re still feeling the ripple effects of that testimony—in our politics and our lives. This four-part podcast explores the enduring impact of that moment, with new insights and on-the-ground stories from guests

Cincinnati Zoo Tales: Get a glimpse of life behind the scenes at the Cincinnati Zoo. Hosts Jenna Wingate and Sam Kornau will interview Zoo staff and other animal and wildlife professionals about how they’re making a difference in this world.