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Mitt Romney fires up supporters in Cincinnati

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney chose the battleground state of Ohio and the City of Cincinnati as his first political stop after the Republican National Convention.

More than 3,000 people crammed into the Cincinnati Museum Center to hear a message of hope. Mitt Romney didn't disappoint them.

"America's going to come roaring back. A better future is ahead. It's out there waiting for us. Our families deserve it. Our children demand it. The peace of the planet depends upon it."

Romney laid out a five point plan that he says will bring America back. It includes energy independence, balancing the budget, and championing small business. Heavy hitters Senator Rob Portman and House Speak John Boehner were on hand. Boehner said it's time for America to reclaim the country. This was the kind of message Brenda Reed from Williamsburg was looking for.

"We need a glimmer of hope and we need somebody who could help lead with the people."

Not everybody was on board. Outside a handful of demonstrators petitioned for the rich to pay more, saying the Romney budget plan would create a huge tax burden for the middle class.