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Paul Ryan serves up politics and barbecue at Lunken Airport

Hundreds of Paul Ryan supporters who came to hear the Republican vice presidential nominee speak, were also on the receiving end of a barbecue lunch.

The campaign speech at Lunken Airport was short but there was plenty of time to meet and greet afterwards as surprised supporters were told to get in line to eat Montgomery Inn barbecue. Paul Ryan served it up.

Paul Ryan, in line serving sandwiches, said, "Nice to see you. What's your name? " Colleen. "Hey, Colleen, Paul. Chicken or pork?"

Colleen and the people around her also took the time to snap pictures as they got a plateful of slaw, saratoga chips and a barbecue sandwich. Madeira's Patty Conley was sitting down eating her lunch.

"I happened to be in the right place at the right time and Mr. Ryan served me."

Before lunch Ryan referenced the upcoming presidential debate saying it will give people a chance to cut through the clutter.

The Obama campaign countered by saying while Romney and Ryan are certainly offering new rhetoric in the campaign’s final weeks, they can’t hide their plan to bring back the same failed policies.