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Spotty problems, heavy turnout, voters happy to make a difference


About 100 voters at the Evanston Recreation Center were inconvenienced this morning when a worker failed to unlock the doors. Hamilton County Board of Elections chairman Tim Burke, who went to the scene himself when he heard about the problem, said an employee had forgotten to open the doors.  It was 7:15 a.m. when somebody came with a key. The poll workers were locked out too, so it took them a little while to set up even after the doors were opened.

People who posted to WVXU's Facebook page also reported some problems in Butler County. Reportedly voting machines were down at Talawanda Middle School, and there were supposedly some problems with electronic cards in Liberty Township

Lines were long at many polling places today. WVXU drove around to a handful of precincts sampling the mood and finding out what people were thinking.

All the last minute campaigning and phone calls couldn't change Steve Hawthorn's mind. He voted days ago absentee and was standing with his friend at the Central Church of Christ in Bridgetown.

"I pretty much had my mind made up a long time ago. Last minute stuff doesn't affect me. I researched  and I know who I was going to vote for, the issues and everything else. So I didn't have worry about it. I wasn't swayed at the end. I got my vote in early and I hope it goes the way I voted."

Hawthorn did the research because he says the presidency will decide the future of our country. His friend Tim Lowery is glad the campaign season is over. Voters were cheerful at Hyde Park's fire station number 46 where Dave Carson is presiding judge.

"They all got a chance to talk to their neighbors. We were passing out some candy and some other things, just trying to help them along if they had any questions and they were polite about turning their cell phones off. It really went smooth."

By 10:30 this morning one third of a possible 900 voters there had cast a ballot. At times the wait was 45 minutes. In Avondale at the Urban League the line stretched down the street. A little later 97 year old Annetta Herring showed up to vote. She let out squeal of excitement about being able to participate in the election process, led in by her son Hillard.

"Hooray. For the grace of God let's get on in."

Ann Thompson has decades of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting.