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Several school isssues in Hamilton County go down to defeat


A tax levy for Lockland City Schools failed for the third time in a row in Tuesday’s primary election – this time by a scant 15 votes.

And, also in Hamilton County, a bond issue and levy for the Northwest Local School District and a bond issue for the Winton Woods School District went down to defeat.

Officials of the Lockland district are expected to go back to the voters again in November. Of the three failed ballot issues, Tuesday’s was the closest. In the unofficial vote count, it lost by a margin of 15 votes – 278 against and 263 for the levy. But the Lockland levy does not qualify for an automatic recount.

In Butler County, voters in Fairfield Township rejected a tax levy for public safety. But levies for the Lane Public Library and the MidPointe Library passed easily.

A ballot issue for the Warren County Career Center failed with 62 percent voting no.

In the four southwestern Ohio counties, the only contested candidate races were in Hamilton County – the Republican contests for mayor in Norwood and Cheviot.

In Cheviot, Deborah M. Slaughter defeated William H. Clark III in the Republican primary. She will race Democratic incumbent Samuel Keller in November.

In Norwood, Republican Ken Crawford defeated Chuck Russ. Crawford will face Democratic incumbent Tom Williams in the general election.

Complete election results can be found at the county board of elections websites. Clermont County had no results. Only one precinct in the county voted on the Warren County Career Center ballot; and it was counted by the Warren County Board of Elections.

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Howard Wilkinson is in his 50th year of covering politics on the local, state and national levels.