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What Germany Thinks Of This Year's Presidential Campaign

Wikimedia Commons


The presidential campaign and upcoming elections haven?'t been a topic of great interest just  here in the United States. 

People around the world are watching with fascination and curiosity as U.S. voters get set to pick who will lead the country and who will represent them in the House and Senate.

A delegation of German parliamentarians is in Cincinnati today, part of a trip to gain a greater understanding of U.S. political developments ahead of November'?s elections. Their visit is being sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, an institution focusing on furthering the understanding of the values of democracy in Germany and worldwide.

Joining us this afternoon is Ralf Stegner, a State Parliamentarian in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein and also Vice-Chair of the Social Democratic Party in Germany; ; and Oliver Sallet, a correspondent with Deutsche Welle, Germany's public international broadcaster.