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Plaintiffs Make Their Case in Partisan Gerrymandering Trial

ohio gerrymandering
Ohio Secretary of State
The current district map of Ohio.

The state of Ohio is preparing to deliver its defense of the current Congressional district map in federal court. Plaintiffs say the map is unconstitutional because Republicans drew the map to favor their party, through what’s known as partisan gerrymandering.

The ACLU of Ohio, League of Women Voters, and other voter rights groups say they want a new map drawn next year, though a map created with a more bipartisan process is set to be drawn for 2022.

Jen Miller with the League of Women Voters said fixing what she calls gerrymandered districts should not wait.

"Every vote that a congressperson makes matters. And if we can bring a more fair map to the people of Ohio before 2020 we believe that everyone wins, Republicans or Democrat," Miller said.

Defenders of those current maps said there were Democrats who also approved it, and argue that a new map could confuse voters who might find themselves in three different districts in the span of four years.