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Can We Take The Polarization Out Of Politics?

thomas massie john kerry
Gage Skidmore, London Embassy
Flickr Creative Commons

An exchange earlier this month between Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie and former Secretary of State John Kerry, during House testimony on climate change, went viral on social media. The back-and-forth, which centered around whether Kerry’s bachelor of science degree made him a "scientist" qualified to discuss the matter, resulted in supporters of both politicians claiming victory. Kerry asked Massie at one point, "Are you serious?"

The debate highlights the political divide in the nation, where people can be so entrenched in their camps that even seeing the same facts can reach different conclusions.

Meanwhile, the field of candidates preparing to seek the Democratic presidential nomination next year grows even more, with former Vice President Joe Biden announcing Thursday he will run for president in 2020.

And what does a question about whether prison inmates should have the right vote do to the Democratic campaigns?

Those issues and more will be discussed in the monthly Political Junkie show. Joining Cincinnati Edition are the Political Junkie Ken Rudin (@kenrudin) and WVXU Senior Political Analyst Howard Wilkinson (@howardwilkinson).

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