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'Pantsuit Podcast' Hosts Tell Us How To Talk Politics Without Getting Angry

pantsuit podcast
Courtesy of Pantsuit Politics
'Pantsuit Politics' podcast creators Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland reveal how to have meaningful political discussions.

In November 2015, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers launched their Pantsuit Politics podcast with the goal of listening to each other first and talking politics second.

Working moms on opposite ends of the political spectrum, Holland and Silvers have learned how to practice engaging conversation while disagreeing. Something that has become rare as the country seems more divided each day and people of differing political opinions see each other as not just wrong, but as evil.

In their recently published book, I Think You're Wrong (But I'm Listening), Holland and Silvers provide practical tools to move past frustration and into productive dialogue, emphasizing that faith should inform the way people engage more than it does the outcome of that engagement. And they reveal how to talk about politics in a way that inspires instead of angers.

Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers (@nkybeth) join Cincinnati Edition to discuss Pantsuit Politics (@PantsuitPolitic) and their approach to talking politics.

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