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How QAnon Is Gaining Traction In Mainstream Politics


Many people are noticing an uptick in polarizing political factions lately, even within their own party. Is an inner party insurgency a new phenomenon? Or can we look not too far back in our political past to find examples of struggles for political power arising on the fringes?

And later, one such insurgency birthed out of completely false online message board conspiracies believing in ritualistic child sacrifice by prominent political figures is suddenly getting some approving attention from President Trump and various congressional candidates.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss political insurgencies and the recent mainstream rise of the conspiracy theory known as QAnon are Assistant Professor in the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center and the Department of Political Science at the University of Oklahoma and author of upcoming book How the Tea Party Captured the GOP: Insurgent Factions in American Politics, Dr. Rachel Blum and writer for and Mashable, Matt Binder.

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Michael Monks brings a broad range of experience to WVXU-FM as the host of Cincinnati Edition, Cincinnati Public Radio's weekday news and information talk show.