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County-by-county election results for Ohio ballot issues 1 and 2 on reproductive rights and marijuana

A woman with an outline of the state of Ohio on the back of their hoodie, fills out a ballot
Carolyn Kaster
A person fills out a ballot during early in-person voting at the Hamilton County Board of Elections in Cincinnati, Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023.

Ohio voters are deciding two polarizing issues this Nov. 7. Issue 1 would enshrine abortion and reproductive rights into the Ohio Constitution, while Issue 2 will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana use.

The Ohio Republican Party urged a "no" vote on both statewide ballot issues. The Ohio Democratic Party has endorsed Issue 1 but has been silent on Issue 2.

Issue 1

If Issue 1 is approved, Ohio would become the seventh state to vote in favor of abortion access since Roe v. Wade was overturned in June 2022. The proposed amendment calls for the right to make one's own reproductive decisions, specifically when it comes to abortion, contraception, fertility treatment, continuing one's own pregnancy, and miscarriage care.

You can read the full amendment on the Secretary of State's website.

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Follow live results on Issue 1 below as they roll in county-by-county.

Issue 2

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has proposed regulating recreational marijuana. Ohioans over 21 would be permitted to possess 2.5 ounces of pot and grow plants at home. It would also impose a 10% tax that would go toward addiction treatment, administrative costs and social justice programs.

You can read the text of Issue 2 on the Ohio Secretary of State's website.

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This ballot measure would be a law, and would not be placed in the state constitution. Because of that, legislators could repeal Issue 2 if it passes. Several Republican lawmakers, including Gov. Mike DeWine, have said they're opposed to legalizing marijuana. However, the group's spokesman, Tom Haren, told the Ohio Statehouse News Bureau he's confident voters will approve it by a wide margin so there won't be any attempt at repeal.

Follow live results on Issue 2 below as they roll in county-by-county.

Local races

Southwest Ohio has a number of municipal races and issues on the ballot as well, including races for Cincinnati City Council and multiple school boards, including Lakota and Forest Hills, as well as decisions on whether to renew certain levies and sell the nation's only municipally owned railroad. You can follow those results of your county races at the links below:

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