24% Of Adults In NKY Are Smokers, Research Shows

Oct 12, 2020

Research shows more than a fifth of adults in Northern Kentucky are smokers. That's according to the Greater Cincinnati Adult Tobacco Survey.

At least 24% of adults in Northern Kentucky are cigarette smokers, compared to the national rate of 14%.
Credit Courtesy of Interact for Health

Megan Folkerth with Interact for Health said the reason the number isn't lower is because of Kentucky's tobacco culture.

"Part of that is this strong history of growing tobacco," Folkerth said. "It has really contributed to these rates. The tobacco industry has built upon that culture."

Folkerth also said this could be due to a younger generation picking up the habit.

Credit Interact For Health (screenshot from Oct. 12, 2020 event)

"We continue to see new products come from the tobacco industry," Folkerth said. "E-cigarette use has skyrocketed among youth. That's what we often talk about, but those youth are becoming young adults and we're starting to see those numbers increase."

Research has also shown trends with smoking and location. Residents in rural counties tend to pick up the habit more than those in urban or rural areas.

Credit Interact For Health (screenshot from Oct. 12, 2020 event)

Income level also plays a role. Those living below the poverty level make up the majority of smokers in Northern Kentucky.

While there is a high percentage of smokers in the region, 72% of the survey takers said they're considering quitting smoking for good. At least 56% tried to quit within the last year.