AARP's Life Reimagined Project & The Upcoming Conference For Those In Life's "Third Act"

Oct 12, 2015

Finding the difference between aging and living, as you enter what has been called the Third Stage in life.

As members of the Baby Boom generation have hit and passed the age of 50, many of them have changed the direction of their lives. Some have been forced to change, others have willingly sought new careers, activities or lifestyles. Either way, many say entering what has been termed life’'s Third Act is an opportunity to discover your passions and find new purpose. A project developed by AARP, Life Reimagined, was designed to help individuals successfully create a new stage in their lives.

Joining us to discuss the program and preview an upcoming Life Reimagined conference in Cincinnati are AARP Associate State Director Nicole Ware; Life Reimagined Guide Rhonda Mangieri; and, motivational speaker and author of Smash the Box, Chad J. Willet, who will be speaking at the Life Reimagined conference. 

“Life Reimagined: Pursuing Purpose and Passion” takes place Saturday, October 17 at the Sharonville Convention Center. For information, click here.