Are Rowdy Parents The Reason Refs Quit The Game?

Feb 21, 2019

A fight breaks out between parents after a fourth-grade youth basketball game outside Mariemont Junior High School. Parents and young players have been expelled from their league. Outbursts from parents are all too common and many leagues are cracking down. Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League officials said in January of 2018 there were approximately 45 parent ejections. Now they have new rules in place to curb outbursts from fans.

Recently, the National Federation of State High School Associations and the Ohio High School Athletic Association put out a joint letter to rowdy parents. The letter, entitled "Dear Mom and Dad: Cool It," pointed to parent behavior as the number one reason high school referees quit youth sports.

Joining Cincinnati Edition to discuss unruly behavior at youth sporting events are co-author of the letter, Ohio High School Athletic Association Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass; and Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League Spokesman and Amerileagues President Ben Goodyear.

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