Banks project moving foward

Aug 21, 2013

Hamilton County Commissioners are giving their approval to the next phase of the Banks project. The board approved the plan Wednesday.

Project counsel Tom Gableman says Phase II-A will create 706 construction jobs.

"In terms of wages, that's about $30 million," he says. "And the total economic impact, both direct and indirect, is about $115 million."

Announced earlier this month, Phase II-A includes 305 apartments and 21,000 square feet of retail space. Gabelman estimates retail employment will create 345 jobs.

It's expected to be ready for occupancy in September 2015.

The Banks also has a new interim project executive. Former Hamilton County facilities department employee John Michel is filling the position vacated by John Deatrick. He left in July to head up the Cincinnati Streetcar. Michel has been with the county 25 years, most recently as Construction Manager for the Banks.