Bengals aiming to break playoff drought

Jan 3, 2013

As the Bengals head to Houston to face the Texans in a Wild Card playoff game Saturday, they'll be looking for more success than they've had the past few years when they lost both their opening round games. 

Chick Ludwig is the host of the Monday Morning Quarterback Show on Fox Sports 1360.  He likes the Bengals chances of moving ahead this year, even though they're playing the same team that ousted them last year.

"Of all the teams they could have played, Houston is the one they wanted to play because of the familiarity from last year.  It's a great matchup," said Ludwig.  "I like the Bengals to win this game, end this 22-year drought.  It's the longest current playoff winning drought in the NFL."

Ludwig said the Bengals haven't won a playoff game since January 1991.  Ironically, that was against a Houston team, which at that time was the Oilers. 

The Bengals have momentum in their favor. 

"Houston's lost three out of four games; the Bengals have won seven out of eight," said Ludwig.  "It's time for the Bengals to end this playoff drought."

His prediction for the final score?  Bengals 28, Texans 21.