Beshear Confirms At Least 20 Cases Of Coronavirus In At Least 7 Ky. Counties

Mar 15, 2020

At least 20 people are confirmed to have the coronavirus in at least seven Kentucky counties, Governor Andy Beshear announced during a Sunday afternoon press conference, where he also said he, too, has taken a test for COVID-19. At least one of the confirmed patients is not expected to survive, while another patient in Nelson County refused to self-isolate and now has a sheriff’s deputy parked outside their home. 

With reports of empty store shelves and people hoarding supplies, Beshear reminded Kentuckians to act responsibly and only purchase what is necessary so that everyone can get what they need. 

"First we just need Kentuckians to be good neighbors and realize that if you take eight months of baby formula it means another mom won't be able to get it," he said. 

Beshear himself said he has tested negative for the virus after attending the Speed Art Museum fundraiser on March 7, also attended by philanthropist Christy Brown. Brown tested positive for the virus, and her attorney told WFPL that she began to feel sick the next day. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Beshear also announced 14 Kentuckians who have been aboard the Grand Princess cruise were expected to return to Kentucky Sunday evening. 

"Again, these are our people. I don't think they've been treated the way they should. We will take responsibility for them here in Kentucky," he said. 

Beshear said the remaining two people who were aboard the cruise liner will return on Monday. They have agreed to self-isolate when they get home.

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