This Bike Seat Claims To Be 'Truly Anatomical'

Apr 23, 2018

Physical therapist Shane Page and his company, Edge Cycle Technologies, have developed a bike seat that he says is “truly anatomical and accepts our anatomy instead of pressing against it.”

Page won a University of Dayton competition and plans to sell the seat, called the Physiosaddle, beginning this summer.

Bicycles have been around since the 19th century, and Page couldn’t believe no-one had come up with this idea and patented it. “We designed the seat with four specifically placed concavities or indentations that actually accept our anatomy versus pressing into it,” he explains.

Not only did he get the $25,000 UD award, but the Dayton Entrepreneur’s Center also matched it.

Edge is on its second prototype with testing underway by mountain bikers, road riders, spinning classes and everyday riders.

“We have a retired marine who is riding in a race called Race Across America, and he wants to ride it across the country so we have to have it to him by June,” says Page.

Edge is taking pre-orders. For racers, the bike seat and the rails, made of carbon fiber, cost $299. One with titanium rails goes for $189. There will be a cheaper seat made of plastic for everyday riders.

The Physiosaddle will be manufactured in Centerville.