Blink Accepting Applications For 2019 Artists

Nov 29, 2018

ArtWorks is looking for artists for the 2019 Blink festival. Starting Friday, ArtWorks will accept applications and proposals for interactive, light-based installations and sculptures.

"If you have a unique, brilliant idea, Blink is looking for you," says Tamara Harkavy, ArtWorks CEO and artistic director, and light-based installation curator for Blink. "We're looking locally and regionally for diverse and original concepts that will engage and amaze Blink's audience of more than one million."

The first festival featured 35 light-projection pieces and 22 light-mapping sites across Over-the-Rhine, Downtown and The Banks. 

According to the Cincinnati Chamber, there were 75 proposals last year. That number is expected to double for the 2019 event, when Blink will be expanded to Covington.

How many will be accepted is up in the air. It depends in part on the budget.

Harkavy says pieces are commissioned. "It's a competition. The award levels range from $12,500 all the way down to 'I just need a little help.' 'I have a great idea.' I need $250 to complete this idea.' "

ArtWorks is hosting an information session for artists on the application process Dec. 12 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, 1195 Elm Street. Attendance is not a prerequisite for applying.

Applications are due Jan. 28, 2019. They will be reviewed by a jury made up of representatives from ArtsWave, the Contemporary Arts Center and community curators.