Boehner uses the bar his dad owned in Reading in speech

Aug 28, 2012

House Speaker John Boehner grew up in Reading, where his father ran a bar where he and his brothers swept the floors as kids.

Tuesday night, as speaker of the House and permanent chairman of the Republican National Convention, he started out his speech to open the evening session with a story from the bar in Reading.

"My dad and my uncles owned a bar outside of Cincinnati,'' Boehner said. "I worked there growing up, mopping floors, waiting tables. Believe me when I say I learned how to deal with every character who walked in the door.

"So let's say right now, a guy walked into our bar and said, 'the private sector is doing fine." Well, you know what we'd do? That's right, we'd throw him out."

Boehner kept it up. 

"If a guy walked into our door and said, 'if you've got a business, you didn't build that,' do you know what we would go, We'd throw him out. Throw him out. President Obama just doesn't get this."

In 70 days, Boehner said, "when the American people walk into the voting booth, what should we do? Throw him out."