Boot Camp For New Dads

Jun 7, 2017

When you bring home a new baby the first few months are a test of endurance and strength. It's almost as if you need a boot camp before you're ready for all that parenthood hurls at you. For new fathers, part of the challenge can be in figuring out how to provide support for mom. But fathers need support as well.

The University of Cincinnati Medical Center is offering fathers-to-be training from an expert source: veteran dads. Boot Camp for New Dads provides tips, training and the opportunity to connect with other fathers.

Here to discuss the classes are Founder of Boot Camp for New Dads Greg Bishop; Executive Administrative Director for Transplant Services at UC Health, Jason Huff; and Clinical Team Lead for Women’s Health Services, Kimberly Crawford.

For more information on UC Health's Boot Camp for New Dads click here.