Calming traffic in Cincinnati's Oakley neighborhood

Nov 5, 2012

Cincinnati Council will likely vote Wednesday on a plan to block three streets in the Oakley neighborhood as it deals with increasing traffic problems from the Rookwood Exchange development in Norwood.  

The plan would affect Hyde Park, Atlantic and Arbor Avenues if the city's fire department doesn't object to the closures.  

Resident Craig Rozen supports the action.

View of Oakley community and the streets City Council is considering blocking.
Credit Google Maps

“We have excessive traffic especially from cut-throughs, speeding, littering, cars not slowing down for children or pedestrians, loss of parking from construction crews and even wrong way ingress,” Rozen said.

City transportation officials want to follow the city's normal procedure for blocking a street, which includes a postcard survey of neighborhood residents.  That process will continue.  

“So to say that well there’s a process that we go through to close streets, they have done everything that you would expect a community to do,” Council Member Laure Quinlivan said.  “To do the research, to get their neighbors support for what they want to do.  And I think we should support them.”

A Council majority wants the interim blockades because of concerns about increased traffic during the holiday shopping season.